About us

Morning After...... Derived from the Morning After a night out. The morning after spent with really close friends, awesome people, where magical things happen and often dreams become reality. The magical times where new friendships are formed, great ideas and thoughts are discussed, to a back drop of unbelievable MUSIC and energy. The spirit of the Morning after spent with great friends and awesome people, from all walks of life, all with different circumstances, but all there for the same reason..... MUSIC and FRIENDSHIP.

Morning After will aim to take all that spirit, energy and love from the "morning after" and deliver you DJ's and acts from around the globe, before the morning takes place, the night before. 

Our aim is to book International DJ's and acts, some new, some different and some you'll be familiar with, with the goal of making "The Night Before" just as good as the morning after. With an uncompromised approach to our artists and nights, we will also support and endeavour to book the best local talent to compliment our International guests.

Come for the ride and contribute to the magic....

See you on the dance floor.