Well what can we say..... Another stella podcast joins the 9 that have proceeded it. But did you expect anything less? Of course not.

For our 10th edition we thought we'd ask Mr Silo productions (Melbourne), Mr. David Mummery. One of the nicest blokes we've had the privilege of meeting and a true friend, someone who has helped us and someone who just loves seeing the scene vibrant, a contributor both as a punter and performer, spanning across 2 continents, David certainly knows where anything House or Techno related is at. He's absolutely nailed our 10th podcast, so sit back or stand up, relax or get excited, this mix is an absolute cracker. Enjoy.


We asked Dave a few questions, just to get an insight into this mans musical world. It's a great read!


How do you see yourself and why did you start DJ'ing?

As a clubber initially who evolved into a player, in fact I think I'm continually evolving!

I've been clubbing for a very long time, since way back when to 1985 in fact when the jazz, funk and soul revival was in full swing back in Essex. There used to be this DJ who played every Friday night at the Chequers pub in Writtle who really knew his tunes and I thought it was fantastic. Anything from Gil Scott Heron, Fatback Band, Lonnie Liston Smith, Grandmaster Flash, Wally Badarou, Maze, The SOS Band and Change was usually in his bag, all as groovy as hell and I loved it, obviously. ;) 
As a kid I had heaps of ska music, reggae some punk and a bit of new wave then this American stuff hit my ears which of course was an early precursor of house music I guess?


Who are some of your DJ Influences?

Believe it or not a lot of my influences and one major one come from here in Melbourne, more specifically Gab Olivier. Love this blokes music, one of the best producers ever, full stop. The 'Sunny' parties back at Rosarties and Billboards. Gab, Ozzie LA, Phil K, Gavin Kietel doing their thing. This is when I first got to Melbs in 2002 -2003.

Before Australia, it was 'Bedrock', every first Thursday of the month, five quid, Digweed, Sasha, Howells, Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Kleinenberg. 
'Elements', with Peace Division, Parks and Wilson, Timo Maas (shirtless!) and Red Jerry of course. 
'The Gallery', Corvin Dalek, Tall Paul, Sister Bliss, Mauro Piccotto, to name a few
A lucky time to be a clubber!

Squat parties were also a major influence, Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Geezer, the Stay Up Forever parties and the Malfaiteurs parties quite simply played great fucking techno. All very organic, getting a text message at 1am, 'meet at this corner', then the way a door can be kicked in and in 10 minutes flat you have decks and a pumping quality system set up!


Where have you played and where are you playing now?

The 'Sugar Suite' on Lonsdale Street (2002) then onto 'Pure' on Smith Street (2003, thank you Nobby) doing birthdays, hen parties, bucks nights etc. That was a very steep learning curve, under pressure to make people dance so they drink piss('...this is shit change it!!').... 
Back in London (2003-2006) and onto the notorious 'Public Life' and 'The Electrowerkz' for the Portal parties, prog, techno and breaks the main ingredients. Great fun!
Did Portal here in Melbs for a little bit, our first guests being Simon Slieker and Aaron Smiles.

This pretty much brings us to...


Me and Richie having a messy conversation in my backyard NYD 2012, 'that Eric Cloutier c#nt sounds fucking good!', 'yeah, let's bring him over!'. And so it began.
We've done well with who've we've hosted in the last four years, Eric, Eli Verveine, Mareena, Joachim Spieth, Bas Mooy, Pär Grindvik, Polar Inertia, Kangding Ray, Reeko, Krenzlin and Sigha. A real who's who of techno.
We keep a pretty tight crew, Richie and me (Yin and Yang), Nathan ( what this guy doesn't know about sound isn't worth knowing), Emsy so super musically talented and aurally super smart. 
And yep, we're trying to plan for next year and who we're bringing over...