Well what can we say..... Not sure whether it's our impeccable judgement here at Morning After (we like to think so), but we seem to have one legend of the scene after another, joining us to deliver an insanely good mix for their personal version of the Morning After podcast. This time around we have none other than the absolute gem of a human being, one of the nice guys of the industry, always happy and so very humble, with skills, knowledge, track selection and chemistry with the music to boot, It's Mr. J-SLYDE (Prognosis). He's delivered a stunning take on our ninth edition of the Morning After Podcast series. We can't thank Jordz enough for his work and the final outcome. It's a corker!

Some words about the mix from Jordan himself...........

"The mix? It's all about dreaming. Wide spacial sounds that convey a sense of the unknown, fluffy melodies that pinch at a sense of wonder, and epic moments that illustrate the peaks and troughs our dreams can take us on. Whilst it's not a mix that will put you to sleep it is something I hope will find its way onto your stereo before the club or the Morning After

A big "thank you" goes out to the Morning After team for having me on board!
I hope you dig!"

Track List:
01. Nevermen - Mr Mistake (Boards Of Canada)
02. Primarie - E Cald Afara Iara (Original Mix)
03. Lois Of Norawy - It's You (Just Emma Remix)
04. Kohra - SHIFT (Phailin (Original Mix)
05. Lank - Amerre (Original Mix)
06. Dave DK ft Piper Davis - Whitehill (Original Mix)
07. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tristesse (Wareika Remix)
08. Nooncat - Ks N
09. Michael Mayer & Kolsch - Dogma 1 (Original Mix)
10. Max Cooper - Gravity Well (Microtrauma Remix)
11. El Txef A & Napoka Iria ft Napoka Iria - Mugarrirantz (Dave DK Remix)
12. Superpitcher - Jackson
> A conversation with Rickie Lee Jones
13. Darlyn Vlys - Forrest Colours (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
14. Soulwerk - Stuck In My Mind (Lank Remix)
15. Dave DK - We Mix At Six (Original Mix)
16. DJ Shadow - The Mountain Will Fall